So we are going to discuss 10 businesses you can start with less than $100. Doesn’t it sounds great? Indeed, it is. Have you ever tried to start your own business? What was the hurdle? If finance, then this post is for you. So before we go into the detail of the businesses, lets have a look at the list of these businesses.

Sales Representative

Being a local sales person it wont require you more than 100 bucks. You can start with the companies like Avon, Mark Kay, and Pampered Shef. You can start with their started kit and you can easily start selling them online as well.


If you are having a knowledge of legal affairs, you can easily start your own business of consultation. You can start providing legal advises and advising businesses that how can they be more successful. Only you have to pay for the initial marketing. You can run social ads with the budget of $100 to kick start your own business of consulting. There’s a complete guide of consulting for you to start from the scratch.


You can easily be a tutor if you are educated. The only thing requires is the knowledge of anything you are in. It wont even cost you. You can also start with a website which wont cost you a lot; you can start your online teaching business through your web.


Freelancing is something that everyone can do. if you are good in Logo designing, web designing, development, internet marketing and rest of the things. You are really in! Only you need a good profile and portfolio to get the work on its behalf. That totally means, if you are talented, have skills, you can easily get the work online and can earn handsome amount via freelancing by making it your own and primary business.

Vlog with Youtube

This is the era of videos. The internet is full of videos / vlogs. You can start making videos and monetize them via Google Ads for videos. You can be a great singer, you can be a great dancer, you can be good as a history teller. Simply, you can be good at anything. Make it a video and start your own channel and youtube which will cost you nothing. Only the thing is required is creativity, if you are creating, have something unique, people will start liking and sharing your videos. That’s the base of your success.

Sharing economy rentals

If you are really stucked and you can not start any of the above mentioned businesses. You can start with sharing your things on rent. More people are interested in taking things on rent rather than buying it. For e.g. you can start renting our your garage for the parking and anything you thing can be rented. Indeed, thanks to the “sharing economy”.

Managing web design

Now a days, internet is full of tutorials. There are number of websites which can teach you basic website designing for free. You can start learning from the scratch and then start making money by managing web designs. The best website that I can recommend to learn about web designing is w3schools. I personally learned the basics from here. W3Schools really made my base which helped me in my whole journey of entrepreneurship.

Menu Planning

Yes, that is right. There are number of people who are confused with their food menus and they want someone to do this on their behalf. If you do not have resources to prepare or serve you can start with someone to plan their food manu. This is best idea for those people who love to work with foods. And off course, it will not cost you a single peny.


You can ask your family and friends if they are going out and you can take care of their pets. It wont cost you anything. This is the most simple idea to take care of pets on their owners behalf.

Green cleaning service

Cleaning services are a dime a dozen. You can come into the competition with green cleaning which requires ECO-friendly and natural products. It will not cost you more than $100 and you can easily start this cleaning business.

So that was all regarding the startups that how can a person start a business in less than $100. Sharing is caring. You can share with your friends you know who are willing to work and does not have enough capital. Also share your thoughts via comments section below. You can also suggest us if you know any business which can be started in less than $100. We would love to listen!

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