Before starting a business you must need to know and understand these 5 basic things before starting any business. No matter if its an online business or you are going to do something by selling physical goods or services.

Realize entrepreneurship is a marathon

Right before you start, you must understand that you need to start a journey which is pretty long and you are ready to face all the hurdles coming in your way. Business is not something you can start over-night, and even if you can; you should be ready and have your mind-work done that you have to achieve a goal. When you are mentally ready, then you should move forward towards starting your business.

Marla Beck, co-founder and CEO of Bluemercury says,

Focus on building a great company for the long term. Remember, entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.

Ensure there is a demand for your product or service

Well, you are mentally ready now. And you are launching your product or service in the market. Before you launch, you must need to know that there’s a demand of what you are selling. Even if there’s a demand and there are too much providers, you should not choose the race where thousands of people are already ahead of you. You should see that there’s a space of your service, there is a chance that you are coming up with something unique that people will take interest in.

Hence, you are going to take profit, there is a chance and space that you can put your products in front of your users. So, you have successfully completed your second step that your business is going to produce a good outcome.

Matt Mead, founder and CEO of Mead Technology Group says,

Every sale should be profitable, ideally by 50 percent. Then you’ll have money to hire A-list players so you can focus on the work you want to do. Document everything and build systems as you go, so anyone could do your job tomorrow. But first, learn how to sell!

Be prepared to pivot

So the pin point, first of all your basic should be ready. You should set your steps from the starting to the mid point and you should approximately know where can you really go. You should have a strong grip over the root that where your business stands. Do not leave and neglect any loop hole where you think something wrong can happen. You should be prepared and much more than that you must know the risks coming in your way!

Peter Hernandez founder and president of Teles Properties says,

Be prepared to pivot quickly based on changing markets and needs. Know your customer well and listen to what they’re saying.

Listen to your customers

You should also listen to your customers. Then you will come to know about how people are reacting towards your products or service you are providing. All the goods and bads. You should have a website or social platforms where people can share their views / testimonials.

If you wont be aware of what is the requirement of adding or subtracting anything, then how will you take the step towards betterment?

Ashley Alderson, founder and CEO of The Boutique Hub says,

Your customer decides if your business is going to work, not your business plan. Test your market first, then go all in.

Solve a problem!

Now you are knowing all the ins and outs, that is how you will be able to update, upgrade. And that is how you will correct the things people do not like or want in your product or business. This is really the way to go towards success and expanding your brand to reach more audience.

Look for your competitor’s user and see what’s missing in your product and come with up with something better so then the wide audience will come to know about you are offering something new and unique. These are the 5 basic steps towards starting a business and venture. Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below, we would really appreciate it.

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