The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated guidelines for taxpayers in the United States regarding deductible business, charitable, medical and moving expenses. The guidance has been updated by the IRS for the convenience of the taxpayers in USA so that they can be more aware about those specific changes that resulted from Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) with certain deductible expenses. If you have any further queries regarding IRS rules and regulations, you can contact us to get the best accounting & taxation consultancy in the United States on a single approach.

How to Calculate Deductible Costs of Automobile:

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the updated guidance regarding the changes in the deductible expenses of automobile usage in the form of Revenue Procedure 2019-46 (PDF).
  • The guidance updates the regulation for incorporating the optional standard mileage rates in the calculation of the total applied deductible costs. The deductible costs are particularly related for operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving expense purposes in the United States.
  • The guidance also provides rules for using the optional standard mileage rates in order to substantiate the amount of ordinary and necessary travel expenses of an employee that are reimbursed by his/her employer.
  • Taxpayers in USA can substantiate actual allowable expenses if they maintain proper record keeping. In this case, there are not required of using a method which is available in the revenue procedure.
  • Furthermore, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) also suspended the miscellaneous itemized deduction for most employees with UN-reimbursed business expenses. The costs of operating an automobile particularly for business purposes are also included in this consideration.
  • During the suspension, UN-reimbursed business expenses may continue to deduct for self-employed individuals as well as certain employees. The examples of such employees include educators and performing artists, Armed Forces reservists who are qualified for state or local government officials, etc.
  • The deduction for moving expenses has also been suspended by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act- TCJA. Though, the effect of this suspension is not applied on those members of the Armed Forces who are active on duty and move pursuant to a military order and occurrence to a long-term change of station.
  • That was all regarding the IRS updated guidelines by Black Ink.

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