Dec. 31 Retirees Deadline; The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reminds the retirees who were born before 1st July, 1949 in the United States that they must take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from their retirement plans before 31st December, 2019. The IRS further notified that a particular deadline of 1st April, 2020 will be provided to the first-time RMD recipients in USA. Moreover, the retirees must receive a second one by the normal deadline if they have taken their first RMD during 2019. Complete U.S. tax due dates from the IRS is also listed by Black Ink.

Deadline For U.S. Retires To Take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs):

  • The IRS announced December 31, 2019 for most of the retirees (born before July 1, 1949) to take their required minimum distributions.
  • The required minimum distributions (RMDs) can be made generally at the end of the year in USA by the retirees. Plan your best & peaceful retirement by contacting our IRS specialist in USA.
  • The retirees are allowed to wait until April 1, 2020, to take their first RMDs, if they turned 70½ in 2019.
  • This special deadline of April 1 is applied to the RMD for the first year only. Furthermore, the RMD must be made by December 31 in case of all subsequent years.
  • It means that suppose a taxpayer is 70½ in 2018 and receives his/her first RMD on April 1, 2019, then he/she must receive his/her second RMD by December 31, 2019.

Eligibility for Required Minimum Distributions in USA:

The required distribution rules are valid and apply to the following list of retirees in USA:

  • Owners of Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE) IRAs.
  • Owners of traditional Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs.
  • Owners of traditional Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs).
  • Participants in 401(k) workplace retirement plan.
  • Participants in 403(b) workplace retirement plan.
  • Participants in 457(b) workplace retirement plan.

Recently, IRS increased 401(k) contribution and benefits limit for 2020 in retirement plans. Go through the complete post to get the most of your retirement benefits in USA.

Penalty for Missing Retiree RMDs Deadline in USA:

  • Once you turn 70½, your required minimum distributions from your individual retirement accounts and 401(k) plans must prepared.
  • The deadline for retirees to take required minimum distributions in USA is 31st December, 2019.
  • The retirees, who don’t take their required minimum distributions on time by December 31, 2019, a penalty of 50% will be imposed on their to-be-withdrawn amount.
  • You have got only 03 weeks now to claim and get your RMD for 2019. Consult Black Ink to speed-up the procedure to take your RMD easily and quickly without any problem.

Everything You Need To Know For Taking RMDs:

  • If the original owner is alive, then Roth individual retirement account (IRA) doesn’t require distributions in the United States.
  • The amount of the RMD must be reported to the IRA owner by an IRA trustee, or plan administrator.
  • The amount of the RMD can be calculated for the IRA owner by an IRA trustee, alternatively.
  • The RMD must be calculated separately by the IRA owner, or trustee for each IRA owned. On the other hand, they can prefer to withdraw the full amount from one or more of the IRAs.
  • On the contrary, required minimum distributions must be taken separately from each account, particularly for those RMDs that are required from workplace retirement plans.

How To Calculate Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)?

  • The life expectancy as well as the account balance if the taxpayer determines the required minimum distributions (RMD) in the United States.
  • Table III (Uniform Lifetime Table) in Publication 590-B, Distributions from Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) shows the complete details on how the life expectancy is used to calculate the RMD for most taxpayers. For example, the required distribution for a taxpayer who turned 72 in 2019 is based on a life expectancy of 25.6 years, as shown in the table.
  • Furthermore, a taxpayer whose spouse is over 10 years younger and is the taxpayer’s one and only beneficiary is subjected to Table II.
  • The year-end account value is reported to the IRA owner by the trustee in Box 5 of Form 5498, IRA Contribution Information (Info Copy Only).
  • To estimate required minimum distributions (RMD), the use online worksheets can be used by the individuals which are available in the Appendices to Publication 590-B.
  • For reporting the RMD to the recipient, a trustee often will use box 12b on Form 5498. In such a case, a recipient can find their 2019 RMD on the 2018 Form 5498. During January 2019, the owner is normally issued with the 2018 Form 5498.
  • All owners of traditional, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs and participants in workplace retirement plans are mandatory to follow RMD rules.
  • Some people (i.e. current employees) in workplace plans can wait longer for receiving their RMDs if their plan allows them to wait until April 1 of the year subsequent to the retirement to start taking their RMDs, no matter what their age is.

Black Ink Helps You To Take RMD Within Deadline:

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