Black Ink is a full-service accounting and tax preparation firm in Brooklyn, NY that provides the best accounting and tax preparation online to personal and business clients. No matter, you are an individual taxpayer, independent professional, business executive or a business owner; we are dedicated to serve the best tax preparation services online in Brooklyn to all fields. We help our clients to file their taxes accurately each year with our professional and affordable tax preparation online in Brooklyn. Our representatives and accountants blend the expertise of accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services so that you can avail tax preparation services online through quick and hassle-free way. Black Ink always stands one step ahead of its clients with the up-to-date tax information and amendments by the IRS. Book an appointment with us to get the best tax preparation online in Brooklyn near you.

Get the best consultations of personal tax preparation in USA by a team of trained, experienced, qualified and professional tax experts at Black Ink that can make a detailed report on the current picture of your personal & individual tax position. Not only this, we also provide best alternatives to file your personal tax returns along with the future planning of personal tax. We help our clients with the best individual tax preparation services to file personal tax returns on time with the minimum & legally allowed tax amount.

For any efficient and effective personal tax preparation service, the accurate income tax preparation along with timely income tax filing is important and necessary. Black Ink is the vital solution to all business accounting services in USA that is providing some of the best individual tax planning services in USA. We have a team of expert accountants and tax preparers in United States of America who understand the significance of tax information; therefore they keep themselves updated with all the latest amendments and updates in the tax department. We also provide our individual clients to pay taxes in such a way that they can save as much as possible on paying taxes. Our team provides tips about tax savings to personal taxpayers in USA. We have a list of trusted and satisfied clients in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and other surrounding areas.

The highlighted details of complete personal tax preparation services for individuals in US are listed below:

  • Tax planning services for individual clients so that they could pay the least amount of tax in the future. We also assure that the minimum tax return amount is legally allowed and does not cause any problem to the taxpayer.
  • We provide the facility of E-filing of personal tax returns in US. Paper filing of personal tax returns was a manual old method for filing taxes. The main advantages of e-filing personal taxes include fast speed, easy to use, greater accuracy, higher security, faster refunds as well as time saving procedure.
  • Our experts also help the individual clients regarding amendments in personal income tax filings when they outsource us for individual tax preparation services. The terms & conditions for amended returns are more complex, that can only be handled by our expert personal tax preparation services in US. Tax amendment services for personal tax preparation include correction, addition, or editing of any information in the income tax return that has been filed and approved by IRS. A personal tax amendment service is done to correct your federal or state tax return.
  • We also provide personal IRS tax audit representation and audit defense services to individual clients where our experienced and professional personal tax preparers stand on behalf of our individual/ personal taxpayer client during state income tax audit or an Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Our individual non-filed tax return services can help you to escape the penalties of going to jail and to pay fines up to $25,000. We provide support programs to get IRS verification of non-filing letter. Not only this, Back taxes owed for personal taxpayers is also handled here at Black Ink. Back taxes are the taxes owed form a prior year. If you owe IRS for any back taxes, our professionals can help you in this regard by making installments and other possible efforts to provide top individual tax preparation help.
  • Personal Offer In Compromise (OIC) program that will help the taxpayer and IRS to make an agreement. With individual tax preparation service, we help our clients to settle their tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed.
  • Personal estate planning services which anticipate the personal estate during his/her life while the management as well a disposal of the estate of an individual at and after death. Our individual estate tax preparation services minimize estate tax, gift, generation skipping transfer, income taxes and much more to benefit our clients with affordable individual tax preparation services.
  • We provide personal tax elder care services where we provide tax tips for seniors as well as caregivers. In our individual tax preparation, a claim is filed that your parent is dependable and if the taxpayer is qualified, he/she can claim up to 35% of the expenses that are made for the care of one dependent parent. We provide complete support regarding federal tax credits for elderly dependent care expenses (also known as Child and Dependent Care Credit/ Aging Parent Tax Credit/ Elderly Dependent Care Credit) in USA.

Please ask for free quotation regarding your all personal tax planning and individual tax preparation services in United States. We are always available to provide the best advices from personal tax accountants in America.

Black Ink offers best sales tax preparation & compliance services in USA since 2000. We have expert team of sales tax specialists who can handle amendments and change in your sales tax. We help our best to assist the clients to meet all the necessary and mandatory sales tax obligations by timely filing of their tax returns. Our professional sales tax preparation services have been expanded throughout United Sates and you can find us anywhere in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and other surrounding areas. We follow sales tax minimization strategies to provide benefits to our clients. Along with it, we have an individual panel of sales tax accountants who provide sales tax forecasting services in USA to the clients in running their businesses in different industries.

Black Ink is the perfect place for your all business accounting needs in USA that provides a wide array of services from individual & business tax preparation to payroll & bookkeeping services. We guarantee you the efficient, effective and timely preparation of sales tax returns. We also assist our clients for compiling the necessary information regarding sales & use tax in different state of USA.  Even if you are a small business owner who is running a corporation in US and collects sales tax form the customers, it becomes necessary for you to file sales tax returns either quarterly or annually to the government. Our accurate and professional sale tax return preparation service can prepare your sales or use tax returns on the basis of sales and other related required data, annually or quarterly, as requisite by the client.

In United States of America, you have to file for sales and use tax, no matter what business you are running. Do not feel uncertain reaching out to Black Ink for the assistance of sales tax return filing. Our professional and experienced accountants have a proven reputation history and trusted clients reviews for assisting businesses in preparing and filing of sales and use tax returns, as per the characteristics of your business.  Whether you are looking for the trusted & reliable state sales tax preparation services or you want to have sales and use tax solutions for your business, you have to pass a maze of US taxing authority that continuously makes amendments in taxation laws. We can be your partner to carry out your state sales tax obligations. Call us for free consultation so that we can make a methodical picture of your current financial taxation situation of business. Contact us anytime to perform all the formalities of sales tax return preparation in USA for your small, medium and commercial scale businesses.

Sales tax compliance maintenance and tax audits are time-sensitive procedures that are fulfilled by the expert working of our sales tax representatives who review the current financial record of individual client by working with them. Unawareness to state sales tax rules and regulation can lead to unnecessary sales tax filing as well as missing of sales and use tax refunds. We provide sales tax returns consultation services in USA to ensure that your state tax payment is compliant with state and federal policy. Our team stays up-to-date with the monthly changes in the tax laws.

  • Crystal clear and systematic approach for the sales tax returns calculation procedure.
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly sales tax filing packages are available, as per you requirements.
  • For penalty relief, we also provide state representation facility to our clients.
  • Comprehensive sales tax preparation services that include state registrations, sales tax calculations, collection of tax due, transfer of collected tax, notice correspondence as well as account maintenance to our clients.
  • Risk assessments, product taxation, tax refund studies 7 strategies, voluntary disclosure, due diligence, determination of sales & use tax nexus and sales tax planning services are the other key features of our sales tax section.
  • We provide safe & secure cloud convenience for the e-filing of your sales tax returns. All digital tax documents are transferred via a secure portal that also facilitates the speed of the whole process.
  • We provide reliable, affordable and accurate sales & use tax compliance service that can efficiently, effectively and accurately manage sales tax liabilities of each client by focusing on their core competency.
  • We prepare and file all necessary sales & use tax forms along with the payment slip and transfer them to the appropriate and relevant tax authority. In this way, filing multiple local returns in varied jurisdictions does not cause haphazardness for the client.
  • We keep a track on your sales tax filing schedules and due dates. By maintaining a check on sales tax filing schedules of state and local jurisdictions, not only the tax liability issues are solved but timely remittance also becomes beneficial for the client in the form of on-time remittance discounts.
  • We also keep a record of sales tax filing information and other requirements. We file the timely tax sales tax return by submission of the appropriate form as per specific state.
  • We have different payment methods for the disbursement of sales tax funds as per the specific state. We can remit your payments to the required taxing authority by using any of the available payment methods. We also provide check printing facility to our clients.
  • We also tack care of your sales tax notices that are maintained in the database of individual client. We can also respond punctually to them for the resolution of sales tax notices.
  • We provide sales tax registration facility in any state. We also provide actual return copies without any software integration.
  • Professional sales tax consultants at Black Ink are also expert in sales tax preparation services, sales tax filing service, sales tax issues service in USA.

Also become an active member on Black Ink blog to get the latest changes in the sales tax return legislation in different jurisdictions of United States.

Individual Package 1 Individual Package 2 Individual Package 3
$175 $275 $375
up to 3 W2 up to 3 W2 up to 3 W2
and Sch C Sch C
Sch D
Sch E – Rental Property

Book an appointment with us to get the business tax preparation & planning services in United Sates including New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and other surrounding areas. Businessmen have a limited period of time for corporate tax preparation and we understand it fully. Preparation of your own tax return may sound money-saving at first, but it can last as a disaster to the business holders as any single mistake can cost them big trouble in the long run. Black Ink has professional & experienced business tax preparers in US who closely examine all the money-saving deductions and valuable credits that can help to reduce the tax bill. We also keep an eye on all federal & state tax laws so that our client pays the legally approved minimum amount of tax returns to the government. Tax preparation business in USA is so much on peak these days as the IRS regulations are getting stricter day by day.
Some of the main features of our business tax preparation services in United Sates include the following:

  • Tax preparation services for sole proprietors in USA. Minimize your tax liabilities by making the best of your business losses with our affordable corporate tax preparation near you in USA. In such type of business, the owner & the business are same; therefore all business expenses, revenue, income, assets and liabilities are legally assumed by the owner. We provide top self employed tax preparation services in USA as tax preparation for sole proprietors is a bit tricky. It is totally based on owner’s income that is varied according to the loss and profit by the company. A sole proprietor can deduct many expenses of the workplace that are allowed by IRS including rent, utilities, cost of repair, interest, depreciation and mortgage interest. Plus, if the sole proprietor has overpaid their taxes, they also get a tax refund. In this way, they can keep a more tax-free income as compare to other business taxpayers. Our team closely examines and takes care of all such possibilities in commercial tax preparation & provides tips for business tax resolution in USA.
  • Tax preparation services for General Partnerships (1065) in USA. The business and its owners are legally the same. In such cases, the taxes are paid according to the percentage with which the business holders own the business. The percentage ratio governs their tax liabilities as well as assets share in the business. Form 1065 is made to pay partnership business taxes that require complete details of Profit & Loss Statement of all partners in the business. For commercial tax preparation and partnership tax preparation services, you need accuracy in the calculations of single-owner LLCs. We provide the best tax preparation business services to all corporate fields.
  • Tax preparation services for Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in USA. Here, the business and its owners are not same; they are considered legally separate. The tax filing for LLCs is a bit complicated. The IRS considers LLCs as co-owned partnerships for the tax purpose where each LLC owner pays tax as per their profit share on their personal income tax returns. We elaborate all the benefits of LLC taxation services which are free of double taxation, unlike corporative taxes.
  • Tax preparation services for S Corporations (1120S) in USA. S corps are totally separate individual legal entity from its business owners. An S-Corporation (or S-Corp) enables its owners elect to pass corporate income, deductions, losses, and credits through to their shareholders for paying federal and state taxes in USA. Unlike C corporations, S corporations are also pass-through entities that are not subjected to pay double taxation. Greater tax flexibility is allowable if you are an S Corp in USA. We also give tax resolution services along with corporate tax preparation to S Corporations in USA by evaluation of deductible losses, less risk of audit, flow-through taxation, limited shareholders liability, no income tax hurdles, and much more.
  • Tax preparation services for C Corporations (1120) in USA. Unlike S corps, C corps are different taxable entities as they file and pay taxes at the corporate level. Although C corporations can face double taxation (on their income & on owner’s dividends) but our C corps tax preparation services try their best to serve the clients by minimizing the tax bill. For this purpose, we examine the advantage of C corps including limited owner liability, ownership v/s management discretion, individual legal identity, long-lasting existence, stock options, entrenched legal pattern, restrictions-free share holdings, readily or voluntarily transferable shares, tax preparation opportunities as well as recognition & approval by investors & capitalists, globally.
  • Tax preparation services for Non-Profit Entities (990) in USA. The total amount of federal taxes can be reduced greatly by paying donations to the individuals or organizations, which are considered as charitable by the law. When the total income is turned over to the charitable organizations, non-profits are not subject to pay any taxes to the federal government. Although, non-profit entities or tax-exempt nonprofits do not pay federal taxes, but even then they have to file and submit IRS form 990. We take care of all charitable non-profits IRS Form 990 documents preparation and filing to IRS.
  • Business tax IRS representation service in USA. Sometimes, IRS calls the business holders for any state income tax audit or an Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In such cases, we can help our clients to represent them to IRS by standing on behalf of them along with other commercial tax preparation services.
  • Other business tax preparation services in USA include tax preparation for business start-ups, business tax return preparations, sales tax, gift & estate tax returns, federal & all state income tax preparation & filing, tax advices about business transactions & decisions, tax minimization strategies for your business, minimization of business tax liabilities, accurate assets tracing & business valuation, financial statement effective tax rate management, property settlement negotiations, alimony tax implications, e-file of tax refunds, FBAR tax filing, expatriate tax preparation, & much more.

How we plan your tax for business needs can really minimize your tax bill with the maximum and fastest refunds. Call our representative to get the best tax preparation services for small business near you in the United States.

The ever-changing tax codes, tax rates and tax brackets can be a hectic burden for an individual and business taxpayer in the United States. Black Ink is always ready to save your taxes and take that burden with the best tax preparation services that can file your returns with the maximum of refunds. If you are an individual, we bet you that you can’t find any other best tax prep provider except us as we can legally minimize your tax liabilities, providing maximum refunds and lowest tax bill to your account. If you are a businessman, we are dedicated to be the best among all best tax prep providers in Brooklyn by solving all tax preparation tasks. In this way, you can focus more on the growth of your business. Our best tax preparation services ensure the clients that they will never get caught in the IRS chains, penalties or fines. Make an initial free inquiry with Black Ink to get the best tax prep provider services near you in USA.
Black Ink provides the best tax preparation services price to individual and business clients in Brooklyn, NY and all over the United States. We are also dedicated to tailor special customized package plans for each client’s tax preparation business plan that suits their requirements as well as budget. In the modern era where tax preparation services prices, our affordable tax preparation services cost can be a relaxation breath. You don’t need to feel that you have to pay tax preparation services costs for outsourced tax preparation services. We understand fully that you are paying taxes so why to charge a high tax preparation services price for preparing taxes along with the tax bill. Check out our pricing packages plans or request call back with the lowest tax preparation services prices than ever before!
Corporate Package 1 Corporate Package 2 Corporate Package 3
$200 $350 $500

For complete details of business price packages, click here.

Question & Answers:

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For preparing tax returns, a variety of ways are used by tax professionals to set average tax preparation price. As a general rule, the average cost of tax preparation increases with the complexity of your financial situation. If you are looking for the best tax preparation deal, contact Black Ink. We prepare and file your returns to the local, state and federal taxation authorities with the affordable average rates. You can get the best tax preparation service to prepare and file taxes with the pocket-friendly average price.
At Black Ink, we charge average cost to prepare and file your returns to the state and federal taxation authorities in the United States. The price of your tax preparation can be a problem if you have received a high tax bill. We make the average cost of tax preparation and filing services are really affordable with the lowest price rates than ever before.
At Black Ink, we prepare your taxes with the best average price of $200 as basic package that can go up to a maximum of $500 with the premium package with complete accounting and taxation services. Get your tax planning and preparation done and dusted before time with our professional assistance. We assure you that it is not a bad deal to get the best of tax services in USA with the average price tag.
In general, a tax preparer charges an average amount of at least $300. What if you get best tax preparation services in NY, USA with the lowest and average services cost for taxes. Not only this, your tax services come up with the deal of accounting services. Yes, it is true as Black Ink is providing the best tax and accounting services throughout USA with the average tax cost of $20 only.
During the peak taxation season, finding the best tax preparer can be a difficult task for the taxpayers. Tax preparation needs to be done accurately on time; otherwise the IRS may apply penalties and fines. In the United States, Black Ink has a list of satisfied individual & business clients. You can compare our tax preparation services and prices. From preparer tax identification number (PTIN) to IRS return filing, Black Ink is the best tax preparer near you in USA.
Your tax refund can be direct deposited to your bank account within 21 days, as per the IRS. Choosing to e-file your tax returns with direct deposit option for refund is the fastest way to get your refund in USA. Try Black Ink as your outsourced tax preparation firm to get your tax filing done with fastest and maximum refund.
Prepare tax return with Black Ink with the best and accurate filing services that can legally minimize your tax bill. Not only this, we can help our clients to get the fastest refunds from the IRS. Leave the hassle of accurate on-time filing of your returns to the local, state and federal taxation authorities in the country.
Black Ink can be the best outsourced tax services provider near you in the United States to file taxes as well as getting maximum refunds. Choose any package from our services. We also provide customized packages to prepare and file your taxes to the IRS. Feel free to contact us during business hours to file taxes in USA.


The best tax-preparation service is the one that confidently, quickly and accurately files your federal and state returns on time. In the United States, the IRS regulations are strict. Therefore, you need a reliable and professional tax-preparation service near you in USA.
Black Ink offers the top tax-preparation services for tax preparers in USA that not only files your returns without any errors but also guarantee you sizable and fastest refunds. Check out our accounting and taxation service list to find the best package for you.
If you are wondering to find the best tax return preparer near you in USA, Black Ink can be your ultimate outsourced accounting and taxation services partner. Among all tax return preparers in USA, we are serving our individual and business clients for more than a decade.
Yes, our representatives are available for all types of tax preparation help in United States. Whether you are filing your individual return or planning for your business tax preparation, we are just a call away from you. Trust Black Ink to get the best tax preparation help at affordable price.
Request call back to Black Ink to know all the documents required for tax preparation and filing in USA. Our professional team of qualified accountant can help you regarding important documents necessary for tax preparation and filing in the United States. You should bring the following documents to the accountant for tax preparation:

  • Personal Information (SSN or Tax ID)
  • Dependent(s) Information
  • Source of Income
  • Type(s) of Deductions.





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