Top 3 Reasons businesses don’t reach 6 figures; one of the best entrepreneur in the market, Alex Charfen. In his interview, 4 days back he highlighted his views about how and why most of the businesses in US; and almost everywhere fail to reach 6 figures as a company. So we will more elaborate his views about the topic that why most businesses do not reach 6 figures; while they should. Also we will take our views into the talk about the case.

He also contributed his experience about his failures in his journey as he was going like bankrupt during the 2008 recession, how he talked this thing and then he was able to take the revenue of his company to more than $10 million per year. In his interview at Click Funnels , Live conference of funnel hacking; Entrepreneur network partner Emily Richett talks to Charfen and further asked about the top 3 reasons businesses don’t reach 6 figures.

Well, the top 3 points Alex Charfen highlights as the following:

  • Reduce the pressure and noise in your life
  • Be polarizing and attract true believers
  • Scale with the power of a team

Reduce the Pressure and noise: The 1st Reason

Reading further about pressure let’s keep in mind that pressure in life really varies person to person and business to business. The noise which do not let business take the proper and good decision for the company. Initially he shares some thoughts about this matter like that:

Successfully starting a business conditions us to do everything

That’s pretty much clear from his point of which he said ‘everything’. For e.g. if you are going to start an online business and you forget to take care of your Website’s quality and all the SEO techniques to get the traffic on your shop (your website). Specially, if you are in any sort of online business, or you ship products online; or sell services.

Even if not, NOW it is necessary to have a great looking website for the business and search techniques like SEO, Social media platforms. You should be active to answer your customer’s questions via all major social media networks. You should really ask them about what they need. I mean be familiar and understand their need to provide that.

By the way you should be able to have a qualified and eligible team to do that, we are discussing specifically about this topic in your 3rd point of discussion.

Be Polarizing and attract true believers : 2nd Reason

He further explained in this matter of how and why most businesses in the United States fail to get over 6 figures. He says,

of the 29 million businesses [in the United States], 22 million are under $100,000 in revenue.

That means, almost 80 to 90% business do not reach 6 figures while they do almost everything best from their end. But surely there are things and loop holes (most of them created by themselves). By not taking care of your online need of your business specially now a days. He further says:

“if you walk into a room of 100 people, you should be able to identify the two or three that are your market. If you walk into a room of 100 people and you think to yourself, ‘80 people could buy my product,’ you’re doing it wrong.”

Build a team : 3rd thing about why businesses don’t reach 6 figures

He first of all highlights about the major issues regarding why business fail to reach 6 figures. And the issue is, business ware every hat on their head and its hard to ask for the help. Therefore, one should be able to create sincere team with efficiency in their work is necessary. He explains more regarding the matter and says,

Successfully starting a business conditions us to do everything

When you have a good team and they are also good in their works then things can really happen as they should. He further says about the team creation and its managements in these words:

Alex Charfen further says about team creation:

When you don’t have a team, you are as exposed as you possibly could be … When there’s no team, if something happens to you, everything stops.

By the way, in our opinion these are pretty major and common things Alex discussed in his interview. It also depends on the host that what he/she is asking, It could be more good if the person asking the question could dig him more about the delicate topics regarding the businesses and what are the major issues in it.

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