Tax Counseling for the Elderly Grants; The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announces tax counseling regarding elderly grants for the year 2020 in the United States. Recently, the IRS awarded over $9.8 million in Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) grants to organizations that offer free federal tax return preparation in USA. Black Ink not only provides the best federal tax preparation services throughout USA, but we are proud to bring the latest news by IRS. To get the latest details about this news, check below.

2020 Tax Counseling For Elderly Grants by IRS:

  • The IRS awarded Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) Grants to 27 applicants all across USA (PDF) this year. This TCE grant by IRS covers one year period. In total, $11.7 million was requested from the IRS by 37 applications from across the nation.
  • If you are wondering that what TCE program in USA is, then it is a tax counseling and return preparation program that was established in 1978 and provides the concerned services to the individuals who age 60 or older. Along with it, training in addition to technical assistance is also provided to the volunteers.
  • For the development of TCE programs in USA, the IRS is collaborating and joining hands with a number of organizations in far and wide regions of the United States. A wide variety of faith-based organizations, non-profit agencies as well as community centers are included as community partners to the Internal Revenue Service for this purpose. For the preparation of accurate returns, the IRS is equipping these organizations by providing law training, certification along with oversight.

Black Ink Helps for TCE Program Info in USA:

If you want to get the information on how to apply for the TCE program or how to become a TCE volunteer in USA, request callback to take assistance of our representative. You can also book an appointment with us if you want to talk in-person about this matter and other accounting & taxation services in USA. So that was all about Tax Counseling for the Elderly Grants from Black Ink.





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